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The ultimate Relationship 1

The ultimate Relationship

Friendship is one of the most beautiful relationship, which never expects anything in return.

Relationship with no frills and Frets,
Hardships endeared together with grit’
Rowing together in the sea of life,
growing with zeal in Joys and strife.

The Partnership with no measure to scale,
with craftsmanship painted to never Pale.
Glowing ever like the Pole Star,

Freedom in Friendship 4

Freedom in Friendship

Starts of as Acquaintanceship,
Buds into comradeship,
Flowers into fellowship,
Enrolls into a membership,
Of close circle called friendship,

Ultimate in freedom
This is no fiefdom,
Knows no boredom,

The heart the witness for such partnership,
Written with such penmanship,

A Story related to Gaurang Mahaprabhu 7

A Story related to Gaurang Mahaprabhu

There is a story associated with Lord Gaurang. He wrote a beautiful commentary on one of the ancient Hindu scriptures. He was carrying his written document in a ferryboat. He read it out to his friend who was also traveling along with him. After reading was over, Gaurang saw his friend was crying. “What is the matter?

Friendship 0


There is saying that you cannot choose your parents or your siblings but you can always choose your friends. True Friendship is the treasure which you will find yourself.

Friends and friendship 0

Friends and friendship

Is it easy to make friend. Is friendship more important then the money?

Intzar aaj bhi hai 0

Intzar aaj bhi hai

Intzar aaj bhi hai tere laut aane ka, intzar aj bhi hai tera pyaar pane ka, intzar aaj bhi hai tere chahre pe khushi ki hanse aane ka, intzar aaj bhi hai tere ek jhalak pane ka, intzar aj bhi hai fir se bahar aane ka, intzar aaj bhi hai tujhe pyaar se gale lagane ka, intzar aj bhi hai tere us khamoshi k tuut jane ka, intzar aaj bhi hai tere un kea wadon k nibhane ka, intzar aaj bhi hai tera wo bewajah muskurane ka, intzar aaj bhi hai tere un kabi na khatm hone wale baton ka, intzar aaj bhi hai tere sang chalne ka, intzar aaj bhi hai tere sath dunia basane ka, intzar aaj bhi hai tere zakhm bhar

That’s what Friends are for! 1

That’s what Friends are for!

An old man advised his children as follows:
“Friendship,” he said, “is not bestowing gifts but reaching out in times of crisis. It understands another with tremendous patience and self sacrificing love. A friend is one who gives good advice, cares, corrects and encourages another friend to grow. He expresses concern about his sorrows without envying his achievements. Friendship is fragile and yet it is durable. It can withstand the onslaughts of slander, gossip, malice and threats because true friendship is founded on love.”


Tum kya ho. . . . . . . . . . . . . 1

Tum kya ho. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Ek ehsas ho tum dil se b jada pass ho, tum ek na bujhne wali ajeeb se pyass ho, tum jindagi ho maut bhi ho,khamoshi ho sanson me ho, madhoshe ho, khushbo ho,tanhai ho,khawish ho, chahat ho, nasha ho, jalti hue aag ho, tum nirmal ho, komal ho, tum he shetal ho, tum bechani ho tum he chain ho tum aadat ho tum parchai ho tum judai ho tum tadap ho tum muskan ho tum kya bas mere ek khwab ho ya kabi na khatm hone wali rat ho ya tum sirf ek khayal ho….tum kya ho. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .