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Define God 1

Define God

God is another name of reservoir of unlimited exhilaration. To be more precise, God is unlimited and never-ending happiness.

Where is God? 4

Where is God?

If He is in your heart you’ll see him everywhere in Church, in Temple, in Caba. And philosophy tells you how to reach to this stage.

Why try to see God 2

Why try to see God

Let us examine the argument that as God is there everywhere, whatever we see is God and no separate efforts are required to se him!

Mistake and God 3

Mistake and God

Although fate of other objects is not under your control, what object you’ll get exposed to is and will be under your control. Otherwise someone else would be held responsible for your fate.

Science and God 3

Science and God

That’s fantastic! You want to claim that this vast and infinite universe must lie with in the purview of Science! What’s the final authority of science?

God 9


God is one , His names and forms are infinite. If this is understood, there will never be religious fanaticism.

One God for All 1

One God for All

Do you think God’s saying is limited to the Bible? What was before that? Wasn’t there any world present? Were there no Saints?

Does God Really have a form? 2

Does God Really have a form?

The topic may seem absurd to many and even shocking to some who believe in GOD. By this article, please also do not come to the conclusion that I am a non-believer.