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Advice to bloggers 4

Advice to bloggers

I have observed that many blogs in this site containing poems, jokes etc are duplicated from other sites. It is quite possible that many could be with a sincere objective of sharing some of the jokes which one may have observed in some other site and the intention is good. However if it is with an intention of collecting point as blogs, please be rest assured, that it will be easily traced and deleted by the moderators.

Orkut, Gtalk, Ymail, Yahoo messenger all on One page. 0

Orkut, Gtalk, Ymail, Yahoo messenger all on One page.

Reading by title, you may say How it is possible??? But by using Google homepage it is just easy to bring more than one applications on a single page.

For bringing all application on Google Home page Do as follows:

Step 1

Go to http://google.co.in & sign in to your Google account.

Step 2

On top right hand corner there is option iGoogle. Click on it

OR paste this URL in your browser

Step 3

Now here you can bring applications that you want.
On right hand side click on “Add stuff”

Paste URL

Step 4