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Science and happiness 3

Science and happiness

Work groups and the knowledge of generations are all finite. Every thing is countable. Hardly history of 5000 yrs we know. Infinity is beyond counting.

Happy Holi 5

Happy Holi

Happy Holi friends, Holi is festivals of colors but you know there are different kinds of Holi.

1. Holi which is played with colors, ordinary one

Peace and Happiness – Meditation 2

Peace and Happiness – Meditation

Meditation by its very definition is controlling of the mind and as a consequence understands the inner self, which could also be termed as consciousness with spiritual intent.




Can Love be trusted?
Can we be sure will it last forever?
Giving our heart to others
Sometimes in past and sometimes in present
We shed tears and build fears
Of loosing each other
And now we’re afraid to let our hearts go.
Because of the pain we’ve come to know.

Love again and again, and take the chance.
Trust our hearts,
That is the only guide
To find that true Romance.
So if we hide the Rose from the light,
And never see it grow.
But if we plant it in the sun,
That gives a hope
That Rose will blossom again

Tear down the Iron Gate built high

happiness 1


If you see the basic aim of any individual, it is to seek everlasting happiness. The very first page of the book ‘The Permanent Solution’ proves that soul is in search of such never ending state of excitement. A constant search is on. During the search, mind adopts following procedure. Create desire; fulfill it to see if never ending state of excitement is achieved. That does not happen. Again a new search is on. You know that such happiness is available only with God and the reason of its non-availability to mayic (material) souls is impure state of mind.

Two aspects of working of a mind -2 10

Two aspects of working of a mind -2

Our action also brings about a change in our mind. Every action that we perform makes the instinct of the same behaviour stronger each time. Thus we are forced to perform the same kind of action in future. Thus our past deeds decide our tendency to act or react.

To be more precise,

1. Presentation of sufferings or happiness is not something over which one has control

2. How to react to situation is in one’s control.

The second factor also has two divisions:

1. Mind’s tendency to react according to past deeds

Personality types 0

Personality types

Personality types suitable for spirituality

1. A class of people does not offer any room for others in their life. They do not allow their possessions to be used by other persons. There is no scope for anyone to interfere in his or her life. So they are closed to both other material persons and spiritual persons. And obviously they can never turn spiritual.