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Man Vs Woman 3

Man Vs Woman

There are somethings which we cannot change about man . Perhaps that’s why it is said that man will always be man .

Man and woman, a complimentary pair 1

Man and woman, a complimentary pair

Both man and woman are complimentary to each other. Talking of man being superior to woman is totally irrelevant. On their own, man or woman are incomplete. It is said that behind every successful man there is a woman. The reverse is also true. Let us take an example.

A Tribute To Man 0

A Tribute To Man

Perhaps this post will boost the morale of those who don’t consider women as a second class citizen . Men , today are far more compromising and undertanding then their predecessors . In the last century Man could not afford the risk of getting involved in active parenting and leaving space for women colleague in offices .

The result of a recent study shows that man are now paying more attention to relationship and even ready to compromise more . They want to show (off) their emotions , and don’t consider shedding tear as feminine trait .

Very Bad 0

Very Bad

Just yesterday one bad thing happened in Assam,One person tried to catch the picture of Tiger by keeping his hand inside the Cell of the Zoo.And the result was that Suddenly Tiger came and Take the persons Hand into his Mouth.The hand was taken by Tiger and Man died.Thought there were strict restrictions Man done this and Result was very Bad that He died.