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Office Office 1

Office Office

Chk out the Office Office every night in Sab TV on Mon – Thus 10:00 IST. It is a Satirical comedy about the day to day problem you face with the government officials.

The government officers are

Rules to keep your office desk clean 0

Rules to keep your office desk clean

3 Simple Rules to keep your office desk clean

Say NO to unnecessary papers:

Yes, it is hard to resist the ugly free crap at conferences and internal office events, but avoid taking them just because they’re free. This includes all those cheap pens, stickers, free magazines, brochures, postcards, and anything else that will likely end up littered on your desk. If you need a reminder of a particular vendor, take your PDA or notebook with you and write the company’s name and URL down.


Online Office 0

Online Office

Many of the reader have worked with Microsoft Office. Which gives facility like “Word”, “Excel”, “Powerpoint”, “Access” for Word processing, spreadsheets, presentation tool, database respectively. It costs depends on the version; this may be expensive for some people; so they go for pirated copy. Again this is crime. So what’s the solution? Also even if you have created a document in Microsoft word & send to a different location & if there is no “Microsoft word” he/she can not see the document.
To overcome these problems zoho.com came with online word processor called “Zoho writer” spreadsheet called “zoho sheet”, online presentation tool “zoho show” note taker as “zoho notes” & much more products.