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Life – Wheel of Fortune 5

Life – Wheel of Fortune

Life as we all know is a process of evolution. The path one traverses through life has on its way a lot of lessons to be learnt.

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Conquer everything?

If you leave every thing to God, he can conquer everything for you. If you try to conquer everything, some thing would always be left as every attribute has infinite expanse and there are infinite attributes.


I reside in you
You reside in me
Where is the need for search?
Oh! Search is necessary
Butter resides in milk
Milk resides in butter
But to separate butter from milk
Churning is necessary!
So resides God in our mind
To see him separate in person
Churning of mind is necessary!

Dice of life!

Life ““ The Hardware & Software 3

Life ““ The Hardware & Software

Life – The Hardware & Software

Life can be equated to a combination of Hardware and Software. Your body is the hardware and your mind the software. Just as we have different forms of Hardware with varying capacities and capabilities starting from the main frame computers to PC’s, the human being are also in different forms shapes sizes and capabilities. The tall & short, Fat and lean, able bodied and the differently abled. Every one is capable of performing, provided they understand themselves.

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Question 1

Question 1: “Since Hinduism does not believe in the possibility of eternal punishment, wouldn’t it make sense for people to manage their afterlife risk by betting against Hinduism and taking a long hard look at those religions or worldviews which do entertain that possibility?”

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The devotee is ever ready to give his life to God, Ever ready to go through all sorts of pains without any grumbling! Not the attitude that ‘How many times you want me to do your work? Shouldn’t you worry about my pains? Why should I suffer all the time? Whatever I do you are never satisfied!’ Instead devotee says ‘It’s my pleasure to offer all my pleasures to you!’ The one, who is ever ready to sacrifice all his pleasure infinite times to please God, gets the true and loving relationship and friendship with the eternal generous friend – God.

Jo Mar Mitne Ko Rahate hai Sada Taiyar
Oonase Milata Hai Khuda E Dildar
Bas Mitana Ho Khuda Ke Pyar Me
Na Kisi Aur Khar Ya Pyar Me

Always ready to throw life to God
He gets his beloved none but God

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namaz 5

In God’s love devotee’s condition becomes quite pathetic. When devotee sees God is away, devotee keeps on crying to meet his beloved, sometimes devotee feels God is with him and starts laughing! Worldly relations have already abandoned the devotee as he is of no use to them, labeling him as mad! He does look like a mad person running here and there in search of his beloved! His health is deteriorating as he doesn’t feel like having his meals! Not worried about his clothes..No money, No Relations, God is still away…Seems gone from the both the worlds! Yet devotee is firm on his decision , ‘Doesn’t matter whatever happens with me. Doesn’t matter where I am heading. To hell, To heaven, anywhere else. I wish to keep my beloved happy! Let Lord be happy. That is the purpose of my life!’

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namaz 4

When there is divine love (Love for Lord)in the heart, heart burns when God is away from the devotee. Devotee endures all separation pangs while Lord flirts with others! If your house is on the fire and a passer by in the night comments, ‘That’s nice! I can see the path now, otherwise there was so much dark!’ What would be your reaction? God keeps on smiling and makes all sorts of gestures which show indifference to the devotee, but devotee is firm on his love!

Mere Dil Me Jo Viraha Jale
Oos Roshani Se Roshan Jo Khuda Hase
To Vo Aag khabi Na Mite
Bhalehi Oos Me Ham Mar Mite

When the fire burns in my heart
Smiles God, By that Lightened heart
Let the light always be in my heart
Though that fire burns my heart!

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Namaz – 3

What type of love should we develop? We see love in this world which has a lot of ups and downs. That is because our love to anyone is directly proportional to what we get from the person whom we love. Usually the attitude is, if you love, I will love and if you don’t I won’t! We love for our happiness while love to God should be directed to Lord’s happiness!

If Lord approaches a devotee and asks ‘Tell me what you want? You will get whatever you demand!’ The devotee answers, ‘Do let me know your (God’s) wish. I would like to see you happy forever, because my happiness lies in seeing you smiling’

Ishka Hota Hai Wohi Sachha
Jis Me Hota Hai Vichar Pakka
Khush Hai Gar Khuda Mera
To Hi Khush Hai Ye Dil Mera

Only that love is real
Where there is a firm decision