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I dunno why?

The sea looks like sky,
I dunno why?
I want to fly, but I can’t,
I dunno why?
I want to play, but I can’t,
I dunno why?
I want to lay, but I can’t,

Poem 13


A Rose is a flower with softness and tender,
And it is a heart’s throbe to surrender –
Towards its beauty which spreads its splendour
Of fragrance, love and innocence that can render

Life is an Open Book 2

Life is an Open Book

Life is an open book,
For everyone to look.

Popped into the world you berth,
propped by the mothers warmth.

baby one lives with mirth,
lullaby with no dearth.

As years go to grow,
tears you try to throw.

Off to school with a desire,
to learn and aspire,

The sway from parental dependence

Pegaam aaj ke naam 1

Pegaam aaj ke naam

Friends, i used to write small ones and collect poems, just though i will share with you guys, i know i am not a pro so bare with me 😉 Happy Valentine Day

Ye wakt , wakt ki baat hai
Kabhi hum akele
Kabhi kisike saat hai

Kushi se badkar kuch nahi,
Sachi dosti ke bena kuch nahi

Dost Ke Pehla Pegaam

Lonely life 0

Lonely life

kya gam hai samandar ko bata bhi nahi sakta
aansoo ki tarah aankh tak aa bhi nahi sakta
tu chaod raha hai isme teri khata kya hai
har shakhs mera saath nibha bhi nahi sakta
waise to ek katra bi mujhe baha ke le jaye
aisa koi toofan bula bhi nahi sakta
yase rah jaate hain jamaane ke sawal
kiske liye zinda hun bata bhi nahi sakta

yun to bheed bahut hai jahan mein magar
hamne har waqt khud ko tanha hi paya hai
ussse kahan tak mangte khushi k lamhe
jab gam hi hamre naseeb mein aaya hai
main sochta hun us khuda ke baare mein
bewajah hamein is jahan mein kyoun le aaya hai

My love poem 1

My love poem

After that short meeting
In the park where the red rays of the rising sun
Kissed the white flowers
That tossed their heads in the gentle breeze like their singing some songs..
We have not met since then.
You promised letters and photographs
Still remain promises.
But when the dawn sets in
I make my weary way to the garden
To look at the flowers covered
With beads of pearl
That reflect your sweet smiling face.
I don’t want ur photo ,don’t want ur letter
But I pray always to see u my sweet dear.

Before I die 0

Before I die

To feel the pleasure of tears and pain,
To experience the beauty of loss and gain,

To heal the world, to solace the fellows,
To be in solitude, to accompany shadows,

For knotching up my goals, to touch the sky,
Yes…I want to live before I die….