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Politicians are God or What?? By Uwon 1

Politicians are God or What?? By Uwon

Recently a hour ago i have gone for my long drive on my bike.When i was coming i was amazed to see that there were many posters and banners on the middle of the road of chief minister of Gujarat “Mr.N

Credit for farm loan waiver 7

Credit for farm loan waiver

Finance Minister, in his budget presented in Lok sabha today, proposed to waive agricultural loans given by scheduled commercial banks, regional rural banks and cooperative credit institutions to smal

Merchants of hate 0

Merchants of hate

Politicians in India only know how to divide. They have turned every human aspect in to negative tool which they use to divide. Whether it is religion, language, caste, origin, urban, rural, rich, poor, the politicians have used all of them to create hate amongst people.

Photos of politicians in public ads 6

Photos of politicians in public ads

Every morning I read newspaper. Every morning I see photos of ministers in ads issued using public money. It is a nuisance. I pay taxes to the Govt and in return it gets on to my nerve with misleading ads having photos of ministers.

Know Your Credit Cards 0

Know Your Credit Cards

Credit card is one of those necessary evils of modern lifestyles .People who need to transact lumpsome amount of cash or those who has to tour a lot need it most . It has made life more easy to people . So thogh there are much risk while using credit cards we cxannot underestimate the good things it brings to lives of busy people .

Was I wrong … people love politicians? 1

Was I wrong … people love politicians?

If I agree with what Income Tax Appellate Tribunal of India (ITAT) has said then all my beliefs will be proved wrong. I have always maintained that people have no love for poliicians. Politicians are always seen by people as a necessary evil who have contaminated every aspect of social, moral and religious behaviour.