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No ethics in politics 5

No ethics in politics

Information & Public Relations Department of Uttar Pradesh Government has inserted a full page advertisement in many newspapers on 74th birthday (15th March 2008) of Shri Kanshi Ram.

Are the Poltiticians practising true secularism? 5

Are the Poltiticians practising true secularism?

India is claimed to be a true secular country. But is it truly secular and is true secularism being practiced by the politicians who are part of the constitution.? The answer is a definite NO.

Don’t politicians take bribe in England? 1

Don’t politicians take bribe in England?

British High Commissioner Richard Stagg appreciated Lead India initiative and advocated that politicians should be paid more. As per his views professionals would consider coming into public life if they are compensated better. He asked that if there is no money in politics, why should a youngster join it?

Very interesting observation, but are not politicians professionals and are all politicians old? Politics is a very rewarding profession and there are many youngsters in politics.

Anupam Kher quipped, “But they will make money in politics, won’t they?”

Gujarat – The Reality 0

Gujarat – The Reality

Media has spread lot of hatred for Gujarat due to communal riots. It was a blot but lets see why Gujarat is gr8..

No state in India can compete with Gujarat..

India’s 3 richest persons: Mukesh Ambani, Anil Ambani, Azim Premji r Gujarati.
5 out of 10 Richest Indians r Gujaratis including TATAS, GODREJS, TANTI of Suzlon.

Reliance, TATA, Godrej, Wipro, Suzlon, Nirma, Wackhardt, Lupin, Sun Pharma, Cadilla, Torrent are owned by Gujaratis.

ICICI bank started with its registered office in Vadodara in 1956(Read the account opening kit of icici bank)

How the Uttar Pradesh Government Worked 2

How the Uttar Pradesh Government Worked

How the Uttar Pradesh Government Worked ?
I mean the Govt of uttar pradesh rules as like the Revenge.I see for last fifteen years.one govt rules.the second party means opposite party blames to the Govt that Govt will not do work in favor of state. and also comment about the police department.

Is this secularism 1

Is this secularism

Are the so called secular parties and their leaders truly secular. I am narrating below 2 recent happenings and the reactions or otherwise from representatives of the so called secular principles.

Priyaranjan Das Munshi in his recent statement has said that Taslima should bow with folded hands infront of Muslims of India and seek apology for hurting the sentiments of muslims in India. While I agree that one should not hurt the sentiments, do we get the same sort of statements if the hindu sentiments are hurt.