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No ethics in politics 5

No ethics in politics

Information & Public Relations Department of Uttar Pradesh Government has inserted a full page advertisement in many newspapers on 74th birthday (15th March 2008) of Shri Kanshi Ram.

Photos of politicians in public ads 6

Photos of politicians in public ads

Every morning I read newspaper. Every morning I see photos of ministers in ads issued using public money. It is a nuisance. I pay taxes to the Govt and in return it gets on to my nerve with misleading ads having photos of ministers.

Sonia Gnadhi in Govt ads??? 1

Sonia Gnadhi in Govt ads???

One thing which hurts me in the morning is seeing various Govt ads in daily newspapers. For every simple work done by Delhi Govt, there is an ad in the newspaper. Many of them talk about normal Govt’s jobs. Why waste public money for telling public about it? A press note issued to media will do the job. Also the best proof is that people will see if something has been done for them.