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Motorola F3 watch out 0

Motorola F3 watch out

Hi friends, recently my friend bought Motorola F3. My friend is facing hell lot of problems, may be he got a bad piece. The problem is that when the phone put to charge then everything gets hanged.

Preview on WELCOME 3

Preview on WELCOME

“Welcome” is the recent comedy movie one can watch. The music of the film was disappointing and “Uncha Lamba Kad” is the only song which I can say is a hit song.

Significance of Comments in Blogs 4

Significance of Comments in Blogs

Comments by its very definition, indicates that it should convey some thoughts relevant to the post or the contents. It invariably should be a critical explanation on articles or posts.

Review of the Movie: I am Sam 4

Review of the Movie: I am Sam

The movie “I am Sam” is about a mentally retarded father Shaun Penn who fights a law suite to get the custody of his daughter. I was literally moved to tears after watching the movie.