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Indian Hokey!!! 3

Indian Hokey!!!


1. Is Indian government or parliament is so weak that it cannot take any action siting that it has NO POWERS to meddle?

Learning Ability Of Kids 4

Learning Ability Of Kids

It is said that children acquire a new language faster then elders . It is true .

Sania Quit Tennis? 1

Sania Quit Tennis?

Recent case against sania make her so depressed that she even said that she may quit tennis, can you believe it? Yes it happened.

But don’t worry, at last she reveal that she will not quit tennis right now as she is only 21+.

Peoples who are not aware of the fact may think what was the case that force her to take the heart broken decission (for sania as well as tennis lover like me). So, here it is..

Why Playing the Game Does Not End In the Field 0

Why Playing the Game Does Not End In the Field

With the changing scenario in the cricket world, the major test playing nations are implementing strict policy measures and considering unorthodox methods to enhance the waning credibility of the sport. Clearly most of these tactics are designed to satisfy the incensed sports supporters—a strong opposition to contend with. Some of the most conservative national cricket boards and cricketing councils are compelled to take surprising stands, clearly out of desperation. It is quite evident that these strategies are a direct outcome of the open mass condemnation targeted at poor player performance.