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It all starts with self awareness that enables us to stand tall in the crowd and examine the way we ‘see” ourselves. It leads us to see beyond, listen beyond and act beyond in any environment. It makes us understand of a successful people, the habit of proactivity.

How will you develop this self-awareness? one excellent way to become more proactive is to look at where at wher we focus our time and energy.. we each have a wide range of concern – our health, our career, our children, our social condition etc. We could separate those from things in which we have no particular or mental or emotional involvement by creating . a circle of concern. .

As we start focus our attention at those things within our circleof concern, it becomes apparent that there are some things over which we have no real control and others that we own do something about. And as soon as we begin working on the things, we can do something about, the nature of our energy will flow in more positive way, enlarging, magnifying, causing our . circle of influence. to increase.

. Being proactive means you should take care to put all your efforts in the circle of influence. . You should nurture your energy towards fulfilling your own ability. Your proactive approach that teaches you to see things in new light helps you to break the shackle of all your problems within the circle of influence.

Be Happy Make Happy !


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