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Doing Fraud

Hi friends here at Eblogs.
I m making one Important announcement and just telling one truth so that u will get warn about it.Here at Eblogs One person is there who is behaving like a Girl who is not a Girl in Real and doing Fraud with many Persons from another id.And using some good looking girl picture also as display image.If not believing than u can check https://eblogs.in/user/charmi2008 this url of this website only and confirm.I just request admin of Eblogs to take steps on this person.He is a Boy and giving false identity to everyone and cheating with other persons.Here his name is charmi2008
I hope Admin will do something for this.


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3 Responses

  1. bapidebu says:

    shocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hello friend Uwon is it true?ya ya i just remember that i have found this picture at orkut forum,that girl is from orissa,ya ya i remember it.ya admin should have take a look at ur post and solve the problem,
    have a nice day.
    take care.
    plz visit my latest post.
    Mr.Debasis Pradhan.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Amit:

    Internet is like that. We cannot say whether one is a guy or a girl just looking at the name or photo.

    And, people are not restricted to choose any name or photo to hide their identity if they like. If he is making any false statements or doing a fraud, just send us a mail. We will ban him forever.

    eBlogs Team

  3. UWON says:

    Hi Admin Thanks for ur support.Actually i was experienced thats y.He is talking with everyone with the name Charmi and doing emotional blackmail.I came to know about him and found that here also he is there with the same name.U try it from yahoo id.U will also come to know.

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