Economic Policy of India By Uwon

India was accepting Privatisation from 1991 AD.SBI and other banks have sold their shares in market and opted privatisation.ONGC,GAIL have disinvested by selling their shares.For eg-From April 1999 to september 2002 against the target of RS 78,300 Crores only RS 29,482 Crores have been availed through disinvestment.It is 37.6% of the targeted amount.Now also to prepare infrastructure,privatisation is encourage to raise necessary capital.Power sector has been removed from reserved public sector list and allowed entry for the private sector.Insurance and Airways have also been allowed for private sector.
But now India have developed more but India can developed more but due to corrupt policy and Politicians,India is Back than other countries.


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2 Responses

  1. vinaykiran79 says:

    The statistics you provoided is really informative. I personally feel that just privatisation is not the solution for the development. India is a unique country and lot of policies have to be ammended for the country to improve. At last i want to say, privatisation has both advantages and disadvantages, Govt. should utilize it properly.

  2. madhu_vamsi says:

    Not only the politics is not allowing the country to develop but the attitude of people should also be changed in my view. First people should stop the pratice of giving bribes in govt offices to let their work done. This is one major problem which is spoiling the development and the officials are taking bribes to do their duties.

    With love Madhu….

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