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Kidney Market (Shoking)

One News which is shocking.The news is that in India Kidney operation is done illegally on a very large basis.There are 2-3 doctors from Mumbai,Chennai and Delhi who do this Illegal wok and makes Lacs of rupees from one operation.They target poor persons to sell their kidney to them and tell them that they will give 1-2 lacs rupees to them.But finally when their Kidney is taken they give them only 50-75 thousands Rupees.And make them fear that if they will tell police they will kill them.These doctors are having their network in whole country.Recently one doctor named Dr.Upendra Gupta was caught by police who is doing this work since 2 years.And one famous Doctor from Chennai who is also giving Health Care Show to one famous channel in Chennai is the main in this work.Nearly he have done 200 operations per month and those who buy kidneys these doctors take 10-20 lacs rupees from them,and these doctors only give 50-75 lacs rupees to that poor persons from whom they take kidneys.So just think how much money these doctors make?Nearly 100-200 crores rupees.And these doctors have kidney patients from Canada also.Means they have network all over the world.This illegal work Should be stopped at any cost but some police persons are also involved in this.So what we can do?

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