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Original Lanka

This is the latest news that Sri Lankan Government has claimed that they have found the original Ramayan Places where Ravan and others used to live.They have also told that they have found Temples where Lord Ram used to stay.And also the place from where Ravan came to know that Lord Ram and his team is coming to Lanka.
This is great that they came to know about this.Now lets see what happens ,What Indian Govenment do reasearch on this.From this we are sure that Ramayan was really in exist.
Our greedy politicians used to be famous on this topic only of Ram and the Sea which Lord Ram crossed by making Stone Bridge on it.And sometimes these Politicians only tell that there is no bridge like this.
But today it is proved that Ramayan was in Real.


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  1. dulaliputra says:

    THANKS FOR SUCH A NICE INFORMATION. We become proud of ruminating the British, rather than searching the truth. What a pity!

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