Politicians are God or What?? By Uwon

Recently a hour ago i have gone for my long drive on my bike.When i was coming i was amazed to see that there were many posters and banners on the middle of the road of chief minister of Gujarat “Mr.Narendra Modi”.It was banners and posters Welcoming him by local politicians.Now the question is that,they have put the banner on the middle of the road.For example the Welcome gate at marriage ceremony. Like that they have made gate 2 wooden slides on 2 sides of road and up in the air Welcome message to Chief Minister. Now who will be responsible if some accident occur? Mr.Narendra Modi?Or any other? And if any local public have done like this he would treated badly by the police. Why not this politicians treated like that?Do they have right to do anything they want?They are not God. I hate this corrupt politicians who can do anything for their sake.


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  1. sajeevss says:

    We make the politicians …and give them power …without the common piblic there are no pliticians

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