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Rise Up People

In one of the biggest wildlife cases this decade, the Special Task Force of the Uttar Pradesh Police with the assistance of the Wildlife Protection Society of India seized three tiger skins and three tiger skeletons in Allahabad on Tuesday,4th December 2007. sixteen people were arrested,including wildlife trader Shabeer Hasan Qureshi who is an accused in at least four major wildlife cases.In particular, Qureshi is the prime accused in the January 2000 case in Khaga,UP,when four tiger skins,70 leopard skins and a huge haul of other wildlife products were seized.Three other traders were arrested along with two tiger poachers and ten women couriers who belong to the Baheliya community.

The case is a landmark for wildlife enforcement as it includes the arrest of the three key elements of the killing of wild tigers: buyers, poachers and couriers.

f this will go on then friends these animals will be no more in the beauty of Jungles.So its time to wake up and Rise to Save this Animals from being killed.

This information i have got from one Wild Life Protection Society.

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