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Top 5

Hi Today i will u tell u about my songs choice.I like to hear Songs very much and there are some songs which i like very much which i will tell u today which Songs i like nowdays.

My Top 5 Songs List is as below—
1—The song on my List is of Dus Kahaniya —Tere Bin jiyu kaise i.e Aaja Soniye.
2—-Other Song from my List is of My Name is Anthony Gonzarwiz —Tere Bina
3—-Third is of also Dus Kahaniya—-Janiye
4—-Fourth is of Khoya Khoya Chand—-Kyu….
5—-Fifth is the one song movie i dont know—–Jane kaise din dhala jane kaise shab Dhali..

So these are the songs of mine nowdays.Others are also there but i like this Songs much.


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