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Wrong Wrong Wrong

Hi Friends,Till Now You All Must be knowing how India Lost The test Match Against Australia.
Both the empires have played a very good game in losing India.
They gave wrong decision to India Many Times and Gave Out.And due to this India Lost the Match.
According to me both these empires have gave Out to India and gave wrong decision to India atleast 8-10 Times.
And if this was not enough,Symmonds have claim that Harbhajan Singh harrashed him.
And for this reason,he was punish to be banned for 2-4 test matches.
I think these Australians are taking revenge because we Indians have beat them very badly in 20-20 World Cup.And when there was match at Vadodara,They have claim that Audians are harrasing them.
Indian Cricket Board should take Strict steps against these Empires.
And if possible should stop playing this series till Empires tell SORRY to Indian Team.

Australia Is WORST TEAM.

What do u say Friends?I heartily Welcome your Comments.


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