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Days by gone!

Yester years of college life, a time well used in learning. Thriving not so much on academics as much as other things that are not learned at home. One among my siblings, yet one of my own distinction. Always self absorbed on the land of my budding and flowering dreams. Some, I know were meant not to be fulfilled, yet they remained in the wonderland of my fancy.

While some fancies were worth chasing. The newfound liberty of being in college had to be explored… exploited…To most of us bunking a few classes and getting proxy attendance was a cheap thrill and less than an adventure so to say. If you did not like a Lecturer, you don’t need to attend, was a reason enough to sit back on the drive-way with others of the like mind and chit chat on some abstract that was so totally irrelevant to any bit of our mortal existence.

However you must be steel enough to sell your stories to your parents and principal why you have a shortage and not qualified to attend your exams. If that is not something you like to face, then try and make it to the bare min. of the expected limit by being a part of the socio-cultural club and the student union to beat the system in all fairnessJ. Fancy that idea?

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