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F1 satisfaction

My husband and I are huge fans of the “red car”. Schumi was a hero who was literally worshipped by my hubby. Last year we were a little more than disappointed that he was to retire, but I had always maintained a secret admiration for Rakki boy of Mclaren. However many times he blew his vehicle in smoke, all knew that he was a man with the material, to step into Schmi’s shoes. Lo! was I… jumping with joy to hear that he was here in the all so sacred “Red”.

I have always felt my husband is a jinx for Raikkonen, coz every time he is glued to the idiot box when the race is on I, but fear that Ferrari would lose. Resorting to measures from sweet to sour to keep him away from watching it, lest they lose. The end of the season was such a great relief you know why, don’t you? They WON! The Ferrari’s won! I won he..he..he..

Way to go! driver’s championship with a marking 6 win victory. Leaving Alonso, lamenting over his drams undone. Ferrari with the constructor’s championship was only a cherry on the chocolate cake.

Wooooo! a terrific season and an awesome end!

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