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IT a dream or Drain?

Today the IT ghost smites the whole world. As much as it has done good one also has to take into account the damage done. Is there anyone taking responsibility to set right? Yes and no, would be the answer.

Our lives have moved miles away from the simple joys of subsistence living to the over luxury living. Not to long ago the meting of Roti, Kapada aur Makaan made a for a Happy man. But not so today, unless you have the basic Gaadi, Bangla, Paisa you are less than a mediocre in the society. The unaffordable luxuries causes such discontent among the have nots that it is turning out to making monsters and machines of them in its pursuit to fulfillment. Where are we headed in this rat race? Not far I’m sure… one hasn’t the time for simple joys of life. How many working moms have the time to really see the first little achievements of their children? How many couples really have to time to make a contribution by a child? Where are the support systems that families earlier relied upon for comfort and strength? Our colleagues are our friends and family and are true family and relatives are distant acquaintances. Ask anyone who relocates and have wives moving in with them, many complain of hard working husbands who don’t have time for them and also no friends as they still have to learn the Language of the place they have come to. The way I see it, this is forced liberalization of women. Ask me why? Well you never have your partner for company to attend a wedding or a ceremony even of your neighbours. If there is an Emergency you know only you have to handle it by yourself, all in all you are one independent woman in the making. And soon they find themselves confident enough to handle pretty much anything under the sun.

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