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do u want 1 lac car details.

hello everybody,
do u want ” 1 lac CAR – tata nano”.
here’s the detials,
1. it is cost is 1 lac + extra charges (nearly to u have nearly 35 to 40 thousands.)
2. it will be market after 6 months only.
3. book now u r name if u r desires.
4. specealties.
1. 20 km p/lr.
2. cylenders(2 nos.
3. back side engine.
4. back wheel moves 1st.
5. to seats 4-5 members only.
6. tube less tyres.
7. single wifer.
8. 623 cc car.
9. metal body.
10. mpfi engine.
11. 33 bhp capcity.
12. crumphul zone.
13.air tight doors.
14.seat belts.
15. heavy seats.
in future, there r many many CAR’s on the road.
there is a little risk about TRAFFIC.
it is most usuful to everybody.
1st is always 1st.

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  1. jmalhotra says:


    what an intersting update and details of NANO…

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