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god send a sms to me

at midnight,
i got one sms at my mob.
seeing that message,
its from GOD,
i am suprised, how he can get my no. n how he can send these,
the sms sender’s phone no. is nil,
sent date n time r there
i am seeing besides in my room
there r no members in that place,
at that time i am only sleeping,
my family members r went for a invitation about wedding of my relative’s
n get-up to searching to switch on at room,
then i am swiched,
n i get a glass of water,
for drinking,
after drink that water,
i have opened the doors,
who’s r there
there r no one,it is MID NIGHT 02.30 A.M.
i have seen my mobile in the message
like these,
hello sarma,

how r u n u r people,
keep smile always,



note:- it is in dreem.

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  1. lkjhgf says:

    Wonderful imagination or dream and excelllent effort to pt it into the words.

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