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super star alway super star. (SHAH RUKH KHAN).

R U KNOW, THE SUPER STAR “SHAR RUKK KHAN” HAS PAID income tax for the year 2007-08 in tune of 27 crs.
these the 3rd year of his paying in advancely tax.
say about tax not-paying members.
what r they doing.
some business mens has showing their income tax in lowest range of transactions.
n they trying to if any root is there the tax paying in lowest range.
if they r having large scale busineess, they shows profits in lowest.
the govt. only pressing to the employees pay their taxes regularily.
the amount has been deducted in salaries regularily.
the employees only paying the taxes regularily.
their account has in the govt. offices, then, they paying taxes compoulsory.
if any employee (taxpaying) in one year salary drawn, the tax only paying nearly 2 to 3months salary.
it shows that he worked 12 months his take home salary is only 9 to 10 months only.
in the bussiness man they run in one year they has having many way to exemptions.
in the salary man no route for escapaing.
what these?
if any reason plz send to me
i want know about these.

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