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what position of CONGRESS PARTY’s

hello, every body,
after elections in himachal pradesh n gujarat.
the CONGRESS PARTY has view seriously, what do in next elections.
the presizious elections r given shamefull results to the party.
now, they r thinking a good view to go thro” election’s in main point for formation of new govt. individually,
if any one has AS good IDEA. it changes lifes.
then, the party has submitted seriouly look after their leaders.
in this movement, the prez. of congress party smt. sonia gandhi has illed.
rahul gandhi not given comment in this movement.
what r they thinking.
in a.p. THE MEGA START chiru has expected to enter in political.
his followers n fas r welcomed n there are no. of politician r all welcomed to join in their parties.

now, what can do /take necessaery steps to refull of energy.
it will become a big party.
as aged above 100 years.

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