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what r u r opinion about 2nd src.

few days back,
a.p. state congress incharge of veerappamailee.
has stated that there is 2nd src. the k.c.r. has signed about these issue.
the congress leaders like madhu yashkhee, kaka, jana, vh.hanumantarao, etc.etc.
has stated that, they r will go resign his membership in congress n as a mla/mp positions.
what r thier opinion about 2nd src.
if they get any nominated post, they will not comment about 2nd src.
see, now, the m.s.r. has not given any comment about these issue.
the congress leaders hi-jacking by the c.m. and president of congres party.
what r ur opinion about these issue/running bussiness/hi-jaking episode etc.etc.
if they having any nominated post r good position post if any .

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