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She had given me an empty water glass

I was hurried to join the class and my room owner was crying, “Virendra, please find the another accommodation, my relative are coming in next month and I am unable to accommodate you here”.

I was thinking, examination would start by next week and right now, how I can find another room, but my room owner clearly instructed me that I should to shift within one week.

After my classes with a long exercise, I decide to find a new room and to shift.

In the evening at 1600 Hrs., I started to search of a new house, close to college. I asked, with many persons in the nearest colony, but unable to find a single room. I had much more tired & very thirsty.

In the continuation of this search once more I knock in the door. A beautiful girl open the gate and asked me yes ……..

I replied, “I am a student and finding a room in rent”.

She replied, “Ok, please wait just I am calling to Papa”.

Her father came and speaks “please come”

I move inside the house & before speaking anything, I request for glass of water.

He calls to his daughter, “Priti…………please bring the water” and replied me ‘sorry……we have not any room for rent”

I was once more stopped to say any thing and thinking about my next, and totally disappointed.

Priti enters in the room with tray of water glass. She hand out the tray of water glass to me. I pick up a water glass and surprised, that glass was empty.

At that time, I was unable to say for empty water glass, why she has behaved like this and what I should to do. After some while I was trying to show her father that I am drinking the water.

Her father told me, now he is going somewhere. I put down the glass and moved out from house. I have walk a few distance ….I listen the voice from my back side ‘sir you have left your pen here”. I stopped and turn back; Priti was at her main gate and calling me by her hand. “Sir you have left your pen in our home”.

For a moments, I had forget everything and looking for her beautiful face only. Once she told “Sir your pen ……..” Oh yes my pen, and taken back that pen and kept inside the pocket. I was thinking only about “Priti” and reached my room. I push out the pen from pocket, oho this not my pen…………………

Why she had given me an empty water glass?

Why she had given me that pen?

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