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Love is beautifull

@@@@@@: Love :@@@@@@@@@

Love Love Love
So difficult to describe love in words,
IsnÂ’t it difficult?
But I want to describe my feelings to all
That love is is is issssssssss so Beauty full
So so Beauty full that it has made me
Me Live life very beautifully it makes me or any
Experience the Beauty full side of oneÂ’s life, ,,,,,,
Love is not just simply a relation but a way to be lively
Is is an medicine to those who are mentally ill,
It helps any one to get out from any sickness, frustration,
If one is toooooooo bored or is in any trouble or any stress
Love makes him or any body come out of any difficult situation.
I suggest every body to experience love
Right now u may be thinking that what silly thing I am
Suggesting you but I mean it from the Bottom of my heart

I would also like to share one thing that I (me)
Who has wrote about love
I too felt that love is nothing but only attractiveness But
When I experienced love It Changed my Whole life
It keeps me happy happy happy & happy
So believe me & Experience!!!!!!!
Good luck

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