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Do you ever think of pollution that is spreading so fast.We might be only knowing of few types of pollution that is only air,water,noise,etc.
But my dear friends there are few more types of pollution those you may not know so see, those are Soil Pollution &
Radioactive Pollution
1).Soil Pollution:The Soil is said to be polluted when there are changes in its fertility due to the addition of indifinite proportion of chemicals.The main sources of soil pollution are pestisides ,industrial wastes ,mining and deforestration.The pollutants present in the soil enter the animal and human systems and may cause
cancer &genetic defects.
2).Radioactive Pollution:This is caused by Nuclear explosions and leaks from nuclear reactors and dumping of nuclear wastes ……..

Now Important

The problem of pollution has to be tackled by the world over and it should be our prime concern for “we have not inherited the earth but we have borrowed it from our children”.

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