Hypertension( High blood pressure) – Know about your health

Hypertension or High blood pressure can present without a single symptom. But silence is not good. Uncontrolled hypertension is dangerous and increase the risk of heart attack and stroke

Blood pressure is calculated by the amount of blood pumped by the heart and the resistance to the blood flow in the arteries. The more the blood pumps and narrower the arteries increases the blood pressure

High blood pressure develops with out signs and symptoms and usually affects all the individuals. Fortunatly high blood pressure can be detected and can be worked out with a Doctor to conrol it.

Signs and Symptoms are dull headaches, dizziness, nasal bleed which usually do not presents unless it has reached an advanced stage

In majority of the cases there is no identifiable cause for it. The high blood pressure usally called the Essential Hypertension or Primany Hypertension tends to develop gradually over the years

Some cases of high blood pressure is casued by underlying conditions and is called as Secondary Hypertension. Unlike Primary Hypertension, Secondary Hypetension will casure sudden incease in blood pressure. Some of the conditions causing Secondary Hypertension are kidney problems, tumour of adrenal glands, congenital heart disease etc.

Some drugs such as contraceptive pills, decongestants, pain killers may also cause Secondary Hypertension

High blood pressure has some risks factors which cannot be controlled, they are –

Age – The risk of High blood pressure increases with age. It is more common in middle aged men and women usally develop after the menopause

Race – High blood pressure in more common in blacks and so the risk of stroke and heart attacks

Family History – High blood pressure runs in family

Risk factors which are in our control are –

Excess Weight – Obesity
Sedentary Life Style – Inactivity
Tobacco use – Smoking, Chewing tobacco
Sodium Intake – High salt intake
Low Potassium Intake
Excess Alcohol Intake – Consuming alcohol regularly
Stress – Anxiety

Other chronic illness which increases the risk of high blood pressure are diabetes, kidney disease, high cholesterol, sleep apnoea and pregnancy.

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6 Responses

  1. lkjhgf says:

    Preimary hypertension accounts for 95% of hypertension and secondary hypertension accounts for 5% of hypertension.

    Intake of salt should not b more than 5.8grams.

  2. asomormridul says:


    It is a major problem these days due to the amount of junk meals increased in our lifespan.

    Mainly the seniors or elderly person are at more risk of the disease but the possibility of youngs containing the disease can not be neglected.


  3. Service_to_all says:


    Controlling emotions is also one of the ways of reducing hypertension.

    Artfull Living – Control Emotions

    Artfull Living – Controling Anger


  4. vinaykiran79 says:

    Reducing anxiety rather than just controlling emotions is the major criteria for reducing the risks of hypertension. Its is very common people saying that if you get angry you tend to have high blood pressure but i would say its only one of the cause and not the only cause for increase in the blood pressure.

  5. lkjhgf says:

    Eating carbohydrates serving food like fibre rich cereal can relieve anxiety and will help to give good sleep.

    See more details in change-ur-mood

    The virtue lies in the struggle, not the prize.

  6. vinaykiran79 says:

    Well i would say Meditaiton is a very important remidy for stress relieving, i think half an hour meditation would keep your mind cool and hence help your productivity as well…

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