The Unvieling of the Nano

Tata Nano — The people,s car is a dream come true for many of the middle class Indians

The unveiling of the Tata Nano was very impressive and worth waiting for a while. Perhaps the news of concept car of Rs 1 Lakh going around in the blogs and web news made me to create a blog on automobiles called Automobile Planet, as I had passion for automobiles since my early days

It as a jam packed crowd at the Tata Pavillion at Pragathi Maidan waiting for the Tata Small car. I remember the feeling of anxiety in me, changing the news channels to have a first glimpse of the car.

Then came an iconic man — Ratan Tata. With a brief introduction to the invention of the bicycle and aeroplane he addressed the gathering about the quest for the new innovations. Hence the Nano was born. As he started to make a point that it was indeed a challenge to hima and his team to make a car at Rs 1 Lakh, everybody could feel his emotions and howmuch effort he and hi team had put into the project. With lots of hair raising words he finally drove the car on the stage, making the whole world drop its jaws.

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6 Responses

  1. lkjhgf says:

    This car is aiming for the release in september. Waiting for september to see this.

    Knowledge increases my sharing and not hiding.

  2. UWON says:

    Nano Car is of 1 lakh but without tax.By including TAX and All it will be of nearly 1,30,000 to people.


  3. sajeevss says:

    Hope the govt can get the roads ready for the rush this is going to cause…

  4. madhu_vamsi says:

    I am eager to buy this car bcoz of its mileage and the body of the car is awesome…

    With love Madhu….

  5. jmalhotra says:


    wud like to buy ….small and sleek car with awesome body and above all easily affordable

  6. vinaykiran79 says:

    I feel every one is on the toes to buy the Tata Nano when it is lanched…

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