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HTC P3470: a lower end touch screen Windows mobile

The mobile manufacturing company, HTC, has launched yet another Windows enabled mobile phone HTC P3470. The HTC P3470 is expected to be available in the Europe market at the end of this month . HTC P3470 does not qualify as a high end mobile as it does not support 3G networks. The HTC P3470 is expected to cost $ 652 which is quite affordable for a Windows enabled smart phone with Touch screen. The HTC P3470 runs on Windows Mobile 6®professional. HTC P3470 also has Bluetooth, microSD card slot, EDGE, 2 MP camera, 2.8 inch QVGA touch screen, 256 MB ROM and 128 MB RAM and a GPS enabled receiver which gives good value for the money spent.

The HTC P3470 has the following dimensions 108 x 58.3 x 15.7 mm and weighs around 122 grams (including the battery). It looks thinner when compared to other HTC smart phones. The 2 MP camera also comes with the macro focus facility. The phone also has auto handwriting recognition software. HTC P3470, being a smart phone, allows users to view Microsoft word, Excel, Outlook and PDF files. The phone has mp3/AAC player and has a stand by time of 240 hours. However, HTC has failed to incorporate 16 million colors in the display when other mobile manufacturing companies like NOKIA, SONY ERICSSON, MOTOROLA and SAMSUMG have successfully implemented 16 million colors in their lower end mobile phones.

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