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PETA comes in support for animals on Valentine’s Day

PETA ( People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) on the occasion of St. Valentine’s day protested peacefully against the testing of cosmetic products on animals. They protested peacefully out the Health minister’s office in New Delhi.
I also feel that testing of cosmetic products on animals should be stopped. The cosmetic industry is one of the growing industries is India and well established industries in the Developed nations. Countries like US,UK, France and other European countries spend are earning million through this industry. Little do the people know that the prior to the release of cosmetic products in the open market they are tested on animals. The chemicals used in most cases can damage the sensitive skin of certain animals. I think the governments all over the world should come up with strict laws to prevent the testing on animals and the laws should be properly enforced. To many people this may seem as a minor issue but for animal lovers and other who care for the welfare of animals well being this is a very sensitive issue and needs immediate attention of the Health. Health minister Anbumani Ramdoss recently asked the film actors to quit smoking on screen. I think when he comes across this issue he will surely act in favor of animal lovers and pass laws to protect the animal.

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  1. kiranshubha says:

    It is a real good cause of such protests. More of such protests should happen to stop animal brutality.

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