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The OJ Simpson Theory

It was also a time when L.A. gangs were using semi automatic rifals to shoot peoples windows out on the freeway. There were young people driving around Los Angeles with no value for human life at all. No fear or value of their own lives. Police Chief Willie Williams decided to put 100,000 more police on the streets of L.A. I called it a feel good policy. A policy to give citizens a false since of security. There are fifty thousand gangs in L.A. And that includes the L.A.P.D’s Viking Gang. Who also did drive by shootings. Tthe world is beginning to see that they have a common enemy. They have nots have nothing else to lose. They are tired of super powers rape, pilliging, and plundering their countries. They are no longer fooled by empty promises. They want food for their families and toys for their children. They are living in abject poverty. They are ready to die so that their families can live.
The youth that are to enherit this country. I’m talking about the white youth will have to be more responsible and begin to relinquish their hold on all the power and resources and begin to share it with the rest of the world. It may mean that we may not be number one in the world anymore. It may mean that we may have to be number two or number three. But least their want be a need to fear terroism. We have to realize that our weapons of mass destruction doesn’t make us safer or stronger. It only makes us weak because we can only solve our problems through violence.
Do what we say or else policy. Cant we all just ge along? We will become a great nation when we learn to coexist with other nations. Ghandi and Martin Luther king proved that. Lets just take a good look at the OJ case. White people were furiouse not only for the death of Ron Goldman and OJ’s ex wife but also because OJ Got away with murder. Now black people weren’t happy because OJ one the case. They were just trying to tell America what they have been trying to tell white America for centuries. And that is that if the system can oppress and take away the rights of the least of us it is taking away the rights of all of us.

It was seen as poetic justice for black people. Poetic justice for the Klan who had gotten away with murder in this country for over a hundred years. OJ left the black community years ago. White people were upset because they were faced with the truth for the first time in history. And that was that America was not only about race and privilidge but it was also about power. And in a capitilist society power is money and OJ had enough of it to buy himself the best team of lawyers money could buy. It bought him freedom and access. In the past black people were not allowed to read or write. Everything was separate but equal. Yes we got civil rights but the goverment has been chipping away at it for years. COME ON BILL. If white people were afraid of the black man before they were truly afraid of the black man now.

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