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A Black Bitch

The internet revolution is a great achievement of our time. It’s a new medium of knowledge, entertainment, and way of speedy communication and contributes to collect together heritage of humankind. As it happens often with science and technology, not only served common peoples also misused by bad elements to cheat the people. Thus, nowadays scammer also misused the dating sites and mail services for their purpose extremely. It’s called ‘Online Ganging”, ‘White Collar Crimes” and ‘Advance Fee Fraud.”

The Time of Dreaming

I had a profile on loveindians.com. I reviewed my profile in October and received a massage from Miss Sigu Gragoire with her mail address. I thought it is a British girl because her mail address tagged by UK. Those days I was looking for British or

American friends for some reasons. So I pay serious attention to her.

“I know it will should strange to you but it is the whole truth and nothing but the truth. And I promising you that if only I can trust you, you will never regreat knowing me” (She wrote in first letter)

After some days I received her letter. She wrote me a tragic story. Briefs of her story are as: She is from Rwanda and today’s living in a refugee camp of Church of Senegal. Her parents were killed. Her father deposited some money in a European Bank. She has two uncles. She afraid to her uncles and want to escape from Africa, She was looking for an honest foreign partner to transfer the money. She promised me, for my assistance, she will give 10% commission of total amount, employ me as a manager and her love is part of my bonus.

My First Perception

The proposal was not bad. I thought if she is speaking true I would be a millionaire in some days. My first perception was may be it is story of black money. I guessed as our curpeted leaders have accounts in European banks may be her father has also. She gave me address of her banker and requests to contact the bank. Then she gave me address of her lawyer and requests to contact with lawyer and lawyer asked me to send 3000 USD dollars for completion the legal procedure in advance. I understood it is a matter of fraud only.

I told to my friends and they said this is just an African trend not truth.

Therefore, she was requesting me to fee the lawyer and I ignored all request and told him frankly I have no money to pay lawyer. I was wondering why she is writing me daily. I wrote to him in first letter I could not financially help you. It is my other perception may be she is a net user and flirting with me only. Flirting is part on our online life I am aware to this fact, so I did not mind

It was also a perception if she is true she have right to check my greed, social status and managing capacity of her properties. And if she is a gangster will success to cheat me if I pay to lawyer’s fee. It is a critical movement for me. I thought in days I will be able to find out truth of her life. I said to show any documentary proof first.

A Fake Bank Note

She sent a statement of account and death certificate of her father. Fake………… In first sigh I understood it is not a true bank. Because her father was died in 1999, but bank note updated on 2003 and has a critical entry of withdrawal. I shown to my accountant and said may be ‘they think Indian have no knowledge of account.”
However, I wrote to her we have noticed a clerical mistake in your bank note. So please contact to your banker and sent me revised statement of account I also sent a letter with statement of account and death certificate to her banker to check how they react. I questioned to banker can I claim money base on these documents, looked bank’s directory of Edinburgh did not find any bank on given address.

I did not surprise, they said yes.

To knowing the truth of Miss Sigu’s, I try to check international agencies which are looking online fraud and events. In days I found a site 419.bittenus.com where I get a picture and three letters of Miss Sigu. She sent me this picture also with acutance. In early days she was working by name Miss blessing_oluderba and now she are trying to cheat me as Miss Sigu Gragoire.
The Hollow Truth

listen, once the bank and the lawyer will help us as me and the Rev speak to the lawyer for help, Now all you need is to forward to me your full details information so that i can gave it to the lawyer for him to get the letter from high court,
Once this is done the dipolamatic agencies will bring the fund as a concernment box to your country, and all you need is to meet them face to face with the box that contiune the fund, You will have to pay them airway bill as i told you and them the concernment will be release to you , please just acept the plans and make arrengment for there airway bill, and send me now your full information” (She wrote me on 4 January)

First, she was flirting with me and I was serious about her, now she was serious about me and I am getting my turn.

Because I realized nobody has become a millionaire in this way. AND NEVER COULD BE!

Dear reader, if you are aware to online fraud, good, if not you can log on http//419.bittenus.com. With this story, you can read more fantastic stories of online scamming; pictures and fake documents, linking sites and trips for scam bating also available.

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