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Yeah! Today is first day of a New Year!

What it means?

Coming of the New Year is a common natural phenomenon. We know, nowadays, the Earth moves around the Sun and in 365 or 366 days complete its move. That is called New Year.
Mankind, however, explains to every event in two ways: contemporary and historically. This event also has been explaining in both ways.

Meaning of a new year, for business institutions it is a great time for business, and time for concluding the yearly accounts. For News papers and Magazines it is time for an analysis, the last year. For social political organizations, it is time to the self-criticism to calculate achievements and failures of a year and fixes new targets. For common men it is time for entertainment only. This is contemporary understanding of day of 31st December and 1st January.

To Historical points of view mankind becomes more mature to last years and now entering in a new year of historical development. Today we have been assured by world’s organization for entity and development of humankind.

Approximately, two decades earlier everyone frightened to the third world war. And a thought end of mankind nearly. That was the time of cold war (1940-1990). The two superpowers were competeting for global leadership.

Nowadays, no body could say the end of humankind is near. Everyone is assured about future

Ok! To this point of view, I need welcome to a new year. I want to express my hearty greetings to everyone.


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