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Maria was my first net friend. She is belonging to Phillphines. 40 years old, and living alone there. Once I asked to her why she has not got marriage yet? ‘I will tell you letter,” She replied.

She is a construction engineer and have been working for a pvt. Firm. Land survey and inspection of projects are part of her job. This is why she oftenly used to drive car long. during the meeting she oftenly grumbled ‘My eyes are aching!”

‘May I massage you?”… She chckled.

We met in london chat room one evening suddenly. And developed good understaing with in days, about time diffrence within nations and our offices. Her sun rises and set off early to me almost two and half hour. She come in chat room after dinner and I enter in chatroom before leaving my office.

I understood within some meetings she is expecting entrertainmet in this way.

‘Would you like love chating?”

Maria like love chating, too! But I dont like. Love chating is one kind of form of sexual fustration for me. However; one day, I amazed very much. I asked to her ‘you are only riding on my back everytime, today I want back you”. But she did not get ready to move first. Then I ask ‘if you want chating with me sit in lap first.”

Without loosing a minute she gathered me into her arms and kissed and speaking madly… Darling… Darling …

However, I was being little serious about her. Once she told me a her another friend want to meet me. I enquiered about her. she replied she acqutained to you herself. I gave her my mail address. ( I gussed she is talking about me within her friend circle and may be serious about relations.)

Oh, May you think! I got good response to her friend. Not at all, Till now I have not received any word from maria and her’s friend.


Ruby was my another net friend. I encountred with ruby in a chat room also.
She lives in Jardon. She is belonging to muslim family and country ruling by a dectator. However, Ruby have a liberal attitude. And she is a student of a university. We exchanged our mail address too.

At starting we were confused.Once we decided to meet on Sunday for long chating. We fixed time for evening. When I entered in chat room, she had went back after waiting approxmately one hour. She left behind two sad poems. I read her poems, distrubed badly, and came back with heavy heart.

But we realized very soon we were failed to calculate time difference within our nations. Her sun rises and set off two and thirty minute latter to me. But we calculated diffrence of three thirty minute. So we did not meet on that day.

Thereupon, we exchaned letters and chating since long. Ruby was not interested in love chating. She was intrested to know about culture and history of other nations.

Normally, she enquered about history, religions, languages and various about other aspects of nation. Once she asked a strange question. Why Indian male used to oil on there head.

‘From where you get this question?” She replied ‘I saw a Televesion programme.”

Oh, Not it is true. You saw a one kind of advertisement.

In the mean time, the days of her examination came, and said me one day for some days i will not came in chat room and reply your letters.


Sigu was not a friend. At strating, she was more then a friend. She sent me very good proposals, for business partnership, and life partnership as well. I had a profile on a dating site. She saw my profile and sent a message with her mail address.

After some days I received reply of my thanking letter. She told me her tragic story and promised me never I repent to know her. She also promissed me to be my wife and mother of my kids. She took various oath on the name of god, love, and friendship. Oh! But it is my bad luck, I have no money to help her. what she was? she was a ganster. When I realized, I told to her story. Once in my absence at night the lock had been broken of my room. You know what I lossed that night. Only my underwear baniyan and a table fan. I have nothing to be cheated my love sigu.

Dear Reader! if you want more to know about Sigu you may read my blog A Black Bitch.

Todays, I have not any net friend. Would you like to come with me.

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