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On Saturday, 26 January, India celebrated its 59th Republic Day. India achieved independence on August 1947. Before freedom, India saw a dream which was leading freedom movement over 100 years. After getting Independence India dreamt again for self-dependent and establishment as a nation. within last fifty years it also achieved; of course, with some negative chacterstics.

Now a days, India is dreaming again and seeking for determination. There are a lots of concepts and imaginations floating on national secanerio; Superpower, Knowldge superpower and Developed Nation, etc.

The just retired President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam expressed our future as a Developed Nation and Knowledge Superpower. In his period (2002-2007) he prepared and presented his outlook in his book India 2020. Unfortunately, Indian politics has not cared his voice. He has not left beyond great impact on indian poltics.

Though, Dr. Kalam was official candidate of National Democratic Allience (NDA) and supported by congress. Now congress is leading the United progressive Alliance (UPA) government at centre and NDA playing his role as opposition.

It is a great question. Why parliament of india has not heared the voice of his president? Answer is so simple because he is not a member or supreme leader of any political party. He is a scholar and a professional.

However; our political parties are too much senstive about their traditions. Bhartia Janta Party has been blandly following the past and called communal party too. Congress is binding to Nerhu Gandhi traditions. And Communists are commited to well knowned theories of socialism. This is why the scholors are not fit and have been fitted in ready made framwork ever.

Any way, Dear reader, on this remarkable occasion I am extending my warm greetings and best wishes to you , with this hope, Parliament of india would passed a resolation, set commitees, explains concept of future, finalise the criterias, processes, action plan and fix the goals, befor comming Republic day,

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    Hi how are u doing??? This blog post of urs shows the patriotism in you. I read & loved it… 🙂

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