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Do you know who was Karl Heinrich Marx? Marx (1818-1883) was a great philosopher, economist, socialist thinker, and among founder of modern theories of socialism and communism. He was born in Prussia, educated in Germany, worked, lived and died in London-England. His popular statement is “Workers of all lands unite”.

What he had done? His great contribution to philosophy make science. Ho explored the law of movement of society. And predicted as capitalism replaced feudalism, capitalism itself will be displaced by socialism. He also found out the law of exploitation of capitalism. He believed in labour class dictator as fundamental theory of socialist state. However, after decling rule of communist party in USSR the Russian model of socialism with that the fundamental theory of Marx proved wrong in practice.

Also his controversial statement is, “The philosopher have only interpreted the world in various way. The point however is to change it.

Friedrich Engles (1820-1895) was a great colleague and co founder of Marxism.

How He was a great thinker? The survey conducted by BBC (British Broad casting) in 1999 and 2005 declared a thinker of millennium and followed by three great natural scientist, Albert Eienstein, Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin.

Recently I have read a article of Fuwa Tetsuzo, Director of Institute of Social Sciences of Japanese Communist Party; “Capitalism and Socialism in the 21st Century-More on Scientific View.” Fuwa wrote two paragraphs under subtitle, ” Some where in the world today walks the next Marx. Fuwa quoted a article which published in Washington Post
and was written by David J. Ratikoph, who served the Clinton administration as a undersecretary. The key point of Ratokoph’s article what would happened when American imperialism collapsed? Now days America is approaching the road of imperialism and central headquarter of world capitalism. Afghanistan and Iraq have occupied and Iran is being threaded by NATO Countries. Today people are much more educated and organized rather than British Imperialism and Roman imperialism. Rothikoph was warning , “It is wrong to believe that Marx was thrown away when the Soviet Union disappeared, the next Marx is there and capitalism can no longer be in secure position”. Fuwa’s article was published by Neelam Rajasekhara Ready center for Social Sciences CR Foundation, Kondapur, Hyderabad (A.P).

Who will be next Karl Marx.

Let me clear the context of debate. This debate is relating to development of Social Science, interrelation within social sciences and particularly Philosophy of society, philosophy of politics and prediction of future.

There are a great contradiction in human history and political thinking too in science and contemporary politics. One side capitalism have no problem to share power with people (Democracy) but denying to share benefits of development with people (exploitation). On the other hand communist have committed to share benefits of development (Socialism) with people but denied to share power with people. and do not believe in theory of representativeship(Dictatorship). However there forefather, Marx and Lenin interpret the history of human kind on the base of class struggle and believed in class (working class) dictator ship. Now rule of communist party in Soviet Union and some other countries had collapsed and remaing country, China, Vietnam and Cuba is facing challenges of Political and economics reforms. The question to develop thired model of democratic state. We have two models, British model and American model and both are form of capitalist state for communists.

This is a great contradiction of today political thinking in science and in general. Anyone who will be solve this contradiction and develop new set of theories of democratic socialism, and will answer the question of institutional relations within philosophy, political science and politics, HE WILL BE NEXT KARL MARX.

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