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About My Articles

After reading my all posts one must be thinking that why I am writing about only about websites? The question is general & expected from me.
I am engineering student & I like to surf the web. I like to read, watch new articles, new things from Internet. Because of this hobby; I have about 500+ Bookmark websites.
I found that many internet user use Internet for sending receiving email, gossiping on Orkut, chatting & all those stupid things. Main part of Internet is not even know to them. There are lacks of interesting websites on Internet that can help you for education, can save your time in different way.
I am going to give you such websites by using eblogs as tool. So stay with me; I give guaranty that I will post new, innovative, educational websites. If you want to get websites by sms then subscribe my sms group from smsgupshup.
To subscribe from web go to website http://smsgupshup.com/groups/INTERNET
Subscribe it from mobile
Type sms as

send it to 567673434

Joining by sms will cost upto Rs.3
But afterwords you will get free website by sms daily for free

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