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First Blog Post in New Year

Here comes my first blog post in New Year; also this blog entry is first in eblogs also. I wake up in the morning early & for wishing my friends by email I had opened my Gmail. There was a new message of eblogs. Email was about eblogs is changed & reopened with new features. I came to eblogs & just Amazing look of eblogs was(still it is)!!!
Not too much heavy pages, simple but attractive look of eblogs. They have added some new features like sending receiving messages from cobloggers; managing messages. Also for getting quality blogs they have restricted per blogger per day entry upto 3. Also for for every entry in forum they will give 0.5 point. It is just amazing & eblogs just rocking!!!
This is platform to share your opinions, ideas etc. Also good thing is that you will get paid for that. I have some good things in mind for new year; My aim is to improve my blogging in order to become good Blogger. I will try my best to achieve my goal. Also I am improving my computer languages also. So that I can become good programmer too.
At last, I want to wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Write more & more blogs & earn more. Best of Luck!!!

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