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Got My First Earnings!!!

Today is the golden day for me. I have got my first earning by money order. I am too much excited today!!! I am planning now how to spend it. I will purchase something for my “Aai” (mother) & “baba” (Dad) defiantly. Even if this money is not too much but still I am happy with it.
I am also planning for making full time for blogging & Internet business. I am IT engineering student & I like to surf the web. I don’t have too many years of experience of surfing but I have searched lot of web in short spam of time. Now I can say “I get what I want” Its because of Google. I am great fan of Google; because of its power. & finally I would like to Thank “eblogs” I will remember you throughout my life.

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2 Responses

  1. UWON says:

    Hi congrats u got ur earnings and how much u got?

  2. smile_kanth says:

    hi congrats

    how much u got and how many months u waited to get ur 1st money?Regards

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