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Smsgupshup– Free Group message really rocks

I have explained about websites that are giving service of free sms. I have tested them on 31st Dec. I got there performance, efficiency & delay time for receiving sms.
First I had send sms from atrochatro.com. Which gives service to send sms of 160 character & only 2 daily. My sent sms is not received yet!!!!

Second it was 160by2.com. I had sent sms at 8p.m on 31st. It was received @ 5 a.m. on 1st of Jan. So this site gives sms delivery for sure but requires time.

Third was way2sms.com. First Indian site to give free sms. It has delivered sms in 10 mins. so good & quick service by this site.

& finally I had tested smsgupshup.com. I had sent sms to my group INTERNET it was quickly(less than 1 min) delivered to most members. Then I had sent sms personally to my friends. It was also good that delivered in less than 1 min. Smsgupshup really rocks!!! They have now started new service of “Personal sms” & “Picture sms”.

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  1. sadiya says:


    Now a days though orkutting has taken place in every body’s life still the craze of mobile SMS is unbeatable. Keeping that in my there are many website that came in to being to provide the service of sending SMS from internet to mobile. YOu are very right to say that many of them are not working properly or not giving satisfactory results. Belive me I have also been the victim of the same situation.

    Well after a lot of search i got one website that really works…….. http://www.smskwik.com you can register yourself on this website and it allows 20 sms per day on one registration. I hope you will be happy to use their service. Better try it now.

    “Please dont forget to leave your comment……..it will help me improve my skills”
    Sadiya Naseem
    Content Writer

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