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Sorry You Are Not Selected…Please Improve Your English!!!

Friends the sentence mentioned above is a very comman sight in our country. I am not astonished if you are one of them who faced this sitiuation. Well I think the time has now come when you have to change the scenario and prove your dexterity, so here are some tips to improve your English speaking that will prevent you to be the victim of such awkward situations again.
As we know that English is the dominant international language in communications, science, business, aviation, media and even in diplomacy. The influence of the British Empire is the primary reason for the initial spread of the language globally, also the growing economic and cultural influence of the United States has significantly accelerated the spread of the language. On an average school day, approximately one billion people are learning English in one form or another.The importance of the English has grown up rapidly in all fields of human life, including not only research and education but also marketing and trade as well as entertainment and hobbies. This implies that it has become more and more important to enhance your English Communication skills.
There are many ways to improve your level of English, but only you if you are determined for doing so. Because every thing in the world turns impossible if you are not indomitable for achieving for that. Therefore, with your strong determination and a little bit of my assistance, I am sure that “Speaking English” will be just a cup of tea for you. So, just read on and try to follow each tip given and I am sure that you are gonna make it. Here are the tips

-Remember, we all make mistakes when learning another language. No one likes to make mistakes, but, as the saying goes, the best way to learn is from your mistakes. If you never speak in class or outside your class, you will never improve your English, so I hope you got the first tip.

-Get an English to English dictionary, but if you have to use a dictionary in your own language, that is fine too. Just remember to bring it to class every day.

-Find the authors you like and read all their books. By doing this you will get used to the style of English and the typical vocabulary and grammar they use. As you read more of his/her books you will find it easier and easier.

-Make a habit of reading regularly. Read as many English books, newspapers and magazines as you can find. Again, this should be fun so make sure the texts you choose are not too difficult for you. If the book or article you are reading is a chore, then find something easier.

-If you have a local library, find out if they stock English books or if they have bilingual editions of English classics. Alternatively, ask them to stock English translations of books you are already familiar with.

-Try dictation exercises. You can do this online or get friends to read out text for you to write and then check your writing – concentrate on spelling, and punctuation mark.

-Practice forming meaningful sentences. Make positive statements, negative, turn statements into questions, and make active statements passive. Turn past tense sentences into present tense sentences etc.

-The most important thing to think about is can people understand you. If you have a problem being understood then find someone who speaks English clearly and try to mimic his or her accent.

-Try to make friends with other students of different nationalities and languages. This way you can practice your English all day. Also, seek out native English speakers. Talk to friends who are also learning English. Go out together for coffee and only speak English to each other!

-Spend your time on things that interest you. If you like cooking then buy an English-language cookbook or find recipes on the net and practice following the recipes. You will soon know if you have made a mistake!

-Films in English are an excellent language resource. Follow my tips on how to use films to improve your English. Keep up to date with current events and watch an English-language news station, such as BBC World. Watch news reports on events you are already aware of.

-If you are too tired to actively practice just relax and listen to some English pop songs or radio stations, how about learning with fun?

-Moreover, dear, before sleeping at night too you can have a good chance to improve your English… Write down in English what you have done in your whole day. It will not only be a permanent record of your life happenings, but will also get you to think and express yourself in English regularly. You can also see on paper your improvement on a daily basis.

I hope you it that it will not be just as another article you read, and you will serve its purpose by using the given tips to improve your English and hence make your personality more presentable… All the very best in this journey of learning, hope you come out with the vibrant colour of success!

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