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Every body loves Kungfu Fighting

Every body & mostly guys love kung fu fighting. Many of youngsters get fascinated when they watch kung fu movies. Many try to imitate the stunts shown in the kung fu movies. But what one has to keep in mind is that, one must not try it without learning it. And without actually knowing the tricks one must not try it against anyone which can be fatal.

Kung fu is simlar to cooking. You cannot just cook a food by looking at a food which is already prepeared, you need to see the procedure, the ingredients & method of cooking. Like wise, there is a difference in seeing a person fighting who has already learnt kung fu & try to fight like them & learning kung fu & fight.

So my advice to all you people who loves kung fu, just watch it in tv unless you do not go to a professional class & learn it.

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2 Responses

  1. smile_kanth says:

    How can one learn from T.V,such difficult talents.For sure it needs proper guidance and regular guided training for one to achieve perfection. Many people are now found interested in learning such fight styles lika karatte, kalari payyattu etc.

  2. Sulochana says:

    Is it so easy ? I did not think that it can be learnt from watching TV !! And don’t you think that by learning it from TV one will miss some important aspects and may misuse the moves they had learnt .

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