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Play Ground Games

Ever since the computers have gone personal, people are using them for more than just business needs. Now PC’s are more of entertainment machines. Kids just love & enjoy playing games on computers & many children are stillgetting addicted to the computer games. This has resulted in reduction of children playing outside homes on play grounds.

Adding to this is game consoles like : play station, x-box, nintendo, etc which is find it’s place in almost every homes with children & is affecting them in many ways. It is also resulting in increase in obesity among children. Thanks to these game consoles & computer games which attract children & make them sit in front of it to play games in spare times stopping them from going out & playing physical games like: cricket, football etc.

Parents should consider not to entertain children with hi tech toys which can affect their physical activities. This is not ood for health too.

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2 Responses

  1. hamsavahini says:

    i agree that today children have lost interest in games except for computer games. the problem is that some children are also loosing interest in studies. they are just getting addicted to computer games. its really bad.

  2. lkjhgf says:

    More than just loosing the interest in their studies they bcum addicted to the games like counter strike and now only few are interested in playing outdoor games and that to limited to cricket.

    Children should manage all indoor , outdoor games and studies so their health doesnt gets affected much sticking to one particular task.

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